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High-Level Experts Meeting on Finding Development Solutions to Preventing Violent Extremism

On June 13, 2016 Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan Sirodjidin Aslov made a statement at the High-Level Experts Meeting on Finding Solutions to Preventing Violent Extremism held in "Kohi Navruz", Dushanbe, Tajikistan.

Minister in his statement emphasized that at present violent extremism, as a multifaceted negative phenomenon, has been gaining more cross-border nature and spread of radicalization ideas also have had socio-economic and ideological prerequisites promoting susceptibility of the individual segments of population to extremist ideas and slogans.

Having touched upon the cooperation on this issue, Sirodjidin Aslov pointed out that the inefficient regional and international cooperation in this field can contribute to strengthening of the processes of radicalization and extremism. In its turn, the Republic of Tajikistan in accordance with its international commitments takes necessary measures to prevent and defeat violent extremism and terrorism. The efforts of the Government are aimed at the effective and timely prevention of these phenomena. Concurrently, security and stability in the country and harmony within the society remain our Government’s top priority.

He also noted that world is getting globalized in parallel with the internationalization of crime and growing number of international extremist and terrorist movements, and in this regard, extremist and terrorist phenomena in the Republic of Tajikistan and beyond it have common roots.

Tajikistan, being at the forefront of the fight against various security threats, and despite of limited economic opportunities, undertakes comprehensive regular measures in this area internally.

According to the Minister, unfortunately, the policy of double standards applied nowadays does not make it possible to adequately and objectively assess the situation, potential threats, and take into account the peculiarities of the region.

Mr Aslov noted that Tajikistan has a bitter experience of internal conflict imposed by extremist groups and their sponsors, negative influence of which is still felt. Measures undertaken by the Government are aimed at avoiding those tragic events.

Foreign Minister urged all stakeholders to be extremely cautious in assessment of the events occurring in various regions, and to take into account the specifics of each country, rather than making unanimous allegations.

According to Minister Aslov, international and regional cooperation would promote the development and further implementation of collective and effective measures to combat violent extremism. It is particularly important in a complex military-political situation in the Middle East and in neighboring Afghanistan. In this context, he emphasized the need for increased efforts by the international community to provide targeted financial and technical assistance to Afghanistan, from which stability of the country and the region depends substantively.

At the conclusion, Sirodjidin Aslov noted that efforts to prevent violent extremism can be successful only if the effective cooperation with civil society, private sector and every member of society will be established.

In his statement, Foreign Minister emphasized that Tajikistan has always demonstrated in practice commitment to its obligations in the field of protection of the rights and freedoms of citizens, and its readiness for constructive dialogue on all aspects related to the human rights issue.

Tajikistan stands out for further development and deepening of mutually beneficial partnerships as well as for open and dialogue based on mutual respect.

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