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Interview with former commander Hakim Qalandarov
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MAIN DEFENDER: from commandership to improvement. Interview with former commander Hakim Qalandarov

There is one step in the path from love to betrayal, from improvement to destruction, as well as from good to badness. Yesterday Hakim Qalandarov was a commander, and he is engaged in the improvement of the Motherland now. It is difficult to find him in Panj District.

He worked hard and was engaged in various works. We found him before the table cloth with ample food in a beautiful building. Turkey-cock, homemade chicken, trout, beef, lamb and rabbit meats were the fruits of his labors and hands. The distance from this dastarkhan with plentiful food and that yesterday's dastarkhan with only a bread is also one step. And this one step divides that river bed of the Panj River, which was plunged into the maelstrom of the war and murders and this stormy shore of the children's smile. Therefore, I ask:

Is this your home?

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Alive witness of the IRPT outrages
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Alive witness of the IRPT outrages

A special interview with Siyahakov S.Sh. - one of the leaders of the Security Organization for the Migrants of the Islamic Renaissance of Tajikistan (security body of the United Tajik Opposition (UTO) in the 90s years about the harmful and diversionary activities of IRPT in the years of civil war and intervention of foreign forces in it.

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